Advent Season

Dear St. John-San Juan Family,

The season of Advent is all about anticipation. As children, we anticipated the gifts that we open on Christmas. As adults we know that there are gifts that don’t fit in any package under a tree. Gifts that cost a lot more than money could buy. Advent is a time to grasp on to the reality that God decided to come to us – not to display overwhelming power but instead to lead us to the truth that we are loved beyond measure.

I invite you to join me in an Advent daily meditation:

  1. Watch and wait – take time to become aware of your humanity – feel hunger pains, sore muscles, impatience, frustration, joy, hope, loneliness, companionship, and all of the reality of of our lives. Let all of your feelings and experiences become a time of watching and waiting for God’s presence.
  2. Purify and prepare – take time to reflect on how to bring all of yourself to the banquet to receive with open hands the graciously given gift of love, forgiveness, and grace. Are there areas of yourself that you hide from God? Do you believe that God wouldn’t love you if you were honest? Remember God’s love covers everything.
  3. Exult – feel the overwhelming magnificence of God’s love and grace that covers all of our humanity. What do you do when you feel overwhelmingly happy? Do that!
  4. Overflow – share your joy with others and spread the news that all of us are chosen by God exactly as we are.

May God’s love flow into you and overwhelm you this Advent Season,

Pr. Ellen

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