All Saints Day

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

November is the month in which we take time to remember those who have left us and to give thanks for all that God has given us. On November 4, we will gather in worship to honor God and share memories of loved ones and on Thanksgiving we will give thanks for all we have been given as we get together to share a meal (and watch football). While we are giving thanks, we may also feel loss, loneliness, and anger, especially if those we love are not with us because of death or physical and emotional distance.

During emotional times like the upcoming holidays, the Psalms provide words when we have none. They are a reminder that faith does not mean that we are free of struggles, doubts and fears. (Read Psalm 6 as an example) God understands sadness, loss, grief, anger, doubt, distrust, and loneliness. We can trust God to love, accept and comfort us in our struggles, too.

God loves us so much that God became a human person who was abused, humiliated and murdered.  Yet God did not give up. God stood up to death and the devil and claims each of us as a beloved child. Let’s remember to give God thanks for that amazing love.

In God’s love,
Pr. Ellen

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