Bread Miracles

When you think of bread, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of a loaf of soft, white sandwich bread, hearty dark pumpernickel rye, sweet brioche or a bolillo. Bread is one of the staples mentioned throughout the Bible. God used bread as a means of miracles frequently, including for Moses and the Israelites in the desert and for the multitudes of people who came to listen to Jesus. (Read more of these stories in Exodus 16 and John 6).

Modern bread miracles don’t appear as manna from heaven or 5 loaves that feed 5000+. Instead, they are local food pantries and businesses that share their extras with hungry neighbors. Here at St John-San Juan, we have a small food pantry that is kept stocked by dedicated members who have answered God’s call to feed the hungry. We serve approximately 20 households each month with canned goods and staples like rice and beans.

Bread for All, the Austin City Lutherans food program, has been sharing food with neighbors in South East Austin for almost 5 years. As a partner with the Central Texas Food Bank, Austin City Lutherans and members of Lutheran Churches throughout Austin give their time and money to open the doors of the pantry every Monday evening to share the miracle of abundance that is present here in Austin with our neighbors who often have to choose between paying for food, rent or utilities during this hot summer season.

Jesus said: “I am the Bread of Life, whoever comes to me will never be hungry.” We are given the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ, the gift that gives us the freedom to serve and support our neighbors who are hungry for spiritual and physical food. I pray that God continue to bless you with abundance and that God calls you to share that abundance with our neighbors.

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