God Prevails

Today’s readings take us from one extreme to another – From triumph to crucifixion. From celebration of success to rejection and betrayal. From certainty to uncertainty. Yet did you notice that there was also constancy and faith in this story?

Jesus was constant in his stand – not giving in or giving up his message of justice and love.The women were constant in their stand – following and caring for Jesus even to the foot of the cross.That constancy in the face of challenge is real for us today.

We are bombarded with conflicting news and advice and we don’t know who or what to trust.The temptation to deny like Peter or betray like Judas challenges us too.But over all our human frailty and failings, we can hold on to this message:

God prevails! God doesn’t quit and God doesn’t give up. God holds fast to God’s commitment of love, justice, mercy and forgiveness.

Jesus didn’t quit on his commitment even as he struggled in his humanity, he knew that God would prevail over the most awful actions – his own humiliating and disgraceful death on a cross.

God prevails when we don’t give up – when we hold on to our care for ourselves and others. God prevails when we continue to pray for each other and the world. God prevails when we make decisions that keep us and others safe. 

God will prevail over all. Let us remember that now and always.

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