Happy New Year!

Dear St. John-San Juan Family,

Happy New Year!

On January 6, we celebrate the Feast of Epiphany, the story of the Wise Ones from the East who followed a star to find and honor the new King of the Jews. Their experience was an epiphany – a revelation that the God of the Jews wanted to be the God of all people in the world.

Epiphany is a word we use when we really understand something – “the lightbulb turns on”.  Here at St John-San Juan, 2018 was a year of epiphanies that required us to work together and be creative about our future. Our work continues in 2019 as God calls us to think creatively about our work in South Austin.

I pray that like the wise ones of old, you follow God’s star to experience your own epiphany of God’s love and generosity this year.

Pr. Ellen

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