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What are the Key Characteristics of Stewardship-Like Discipleship Among Believers?

Stewardship – like discipleship in general – has some common characteristics across believers. Traits like recognition of God’s ownership, gratitude, perseverance, discipline, and a spirit of abundance. And it will embody some common attitudes toward money, like diligent earning, prudent spending, generous giving, wise saving, and caution with debt.

But beyond characteristics like these, stewardship (like discipleship) will look different for different believers. It will look different based on financial conditions, seasons of life, gifts and aptitudes, and other key factors. Like discipleship in general, stewardship is not a cookie-cutter experience.

A key to good stewardship is not to compare ourselves with others but to consistently ask God, “How can I best manage what you have given me” – including finances, possessions, relationships, talents, etc. We fall into a trap when we compare our stewardship with others and say, “If only I could…”. This trap keeps us from fully appreciating and stewarding what God has given us.

Similarly, stewardship is not about prescribing how others should manage what God has given them. Their talents, treasures, and lives are in God’s hands, not ours; and each one is accountable to the Master for what He has given us, not what He has given others.

Join Pastor Lea Walker-Clark weekly on Church Chat on Wed. Pastor Lea outlines some key foundational principles of stewardship, lists some common patterns for faithful stewards, and urges all of us to be faithful, intentional stewards in the unique places that God has put us.

Pastor Lea Walker-Clark

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